WYA Africa: Meet our Batch 2 2018 Interns


Proscovia Alando is a Kenyan citizen who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Aquatic Science from Egerton University. She is passionate about environmental conservation and service to people. Her passion for environmental conservation earned her a position as the Co-founder and treasurer of Egerton Aqua-fisheries Youth Group. The youth group mainly focuses on three P’s- people, planet and profit, where they put into consideration the human person and environmental sustainability even as they target to maximise profit. Miss Alando is also a creative thinker and a detailed writer. She is currently a writer with an online magazine (www.pauqwa.com), a skill that has seen her serve as a repertoire in the recent commemoration of the International day of the Family 2018 conference held in Kenya. Her purpose for joining World Youth Alliance is to gain the knowledge and skills required to effectively promote a dignified and responsible living among the youth. She plans to share the skills she acquires through various means, including her writing. When Miss Alando is not reading or writing, she spends her time listening to music, taking nature walks, watching documentaries or taking a nap. She believes that a good rest is essential for a happy and a productive life.


Alice Oddotte was born in Nakuru county in Kenya and is currently pursuing a degree in BSc Agricultural Economics and Resource management in Maasai Mara University. She likes meeting new people, making new friends, watching movies and travelling. She is an easy-going kind of person with impeccable observation skills. Hard work and being time conscious is what guides her in doing a task as she believes timing is everything. She believes what makes her significant is the fact that she is persistent and does not stop until she gets what she wants. She believes our attitude can either make us or ruin us as people perceive us in illumination of our attitude towards life and other people. She works hard in order to reach her dreams and goals so as to impact the lives not only of her family members, but also the society at large. Everything she does is based on the fact that who we are today is out of what happened to us yesterday and that personality is a dynamic concept and one tends to imbibe things which they learn out of daily experience.



David Githaiga is Kenyan and a Biologist by profession with a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Nairobi.  David is experienced in laboratory techniques and program management having previously worked at the Kenya Institute of Bioinformatics and the Council of Governors. He was inspired to join World Youth Alliance (WYA) due to the impact of the WYA projects on communities. He loves to work in a multicultural environment and therefore wished to use his project management skills to contribute to a good cause. By learning the significance of human values through the Curriculum Training Program, David will be able to advocate for human dignity in every aspect of biological research in his career after the internship. This way, future scientific innovations will not lead to self destruction of the human race as they will be centered on ethics. He is passionate about the aspect of youth recognising their self-worth just as he is passionate about science. David loves to read, travel, watch movies/sports, and play football.



Eddah Wendy is a Kenyan citizen who was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She cleared her Secondary Level Education in 2017 at Koru Girls High School. She is a smiley, social and outgoing person who loves interacting with the people around her. She loves travelling, singing, reading novels, and, venturing into new fields. Her policy being principled, she believes being principled and smart makes her who she is. Basing on the course she would love to pursue (International Relations in Diplomacy) she believes being at WYA builds a strong foundation for her as she ventures into her course .What keeps her going is that she is a go-getter and is ready to work to see the youth and the nation grow into a tribalism free nation where we all will always think of the human person and knowing we all have Human Dignity. Her dream is to see the youth empower themselves positively while working in unison to make healthy choices for a better tomorrow. WYA is the greatest step in fulfilling her dreams and pursuing her career in this field.


We encourage you to apply to our Regional Internship in Nairobi. Send us your internship applications to africa@wya.net or find more details of our Internship Program here.

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