WYA at Encounter 09


International Arts Movement – Yesh

This past weekend, WYA had the excellent opportunity to be apart of and represented at the International Arts Movement in downtown Manhattan. This was an excellent conference based all around connecting art with everyone and the theme of the conference was “Art in Action”. The main piece that made this theme a reality was a large white bed in the middle of one of the rooms with many tubes of brown acrylic at the base waiting for the eager spirit of artists to be shown through their essence. One could get a tube and simply express whatever they were feeling in any manner they wish. For example, my boss, the Casey Downing (see picture) felt as though he needed to express himself via paint on his face. But hey, its art right?
Besides tables from different “vendors” such as WYA, Sewing Hope (African based sewing nonprofit), and Aid for the World, and a wide array of books for sale, and a large bed on which to paint, there were many different presentations from distinguished speakers and fellow artists. For example a senior music producer spoke about the creativity and genius of songwriting and the impact of music. Also, along with many excellent presentations, the nights held excellent plenary events including jazz-great Helen Song, the Limon Dance Company, American Poet Laureate Billy Collins, and many more.
Essentially, after much networking, many hours of attending lectures and seeing many events, and much time on the subway, the World Youth Alliance was well represented at the International Arts Movement Encounter ’09 arts conference. Many conversations were sparked, alliances made, and overall a general sense of proficiency was felt via WYA representation at the arts conference.
Philip Waggoner – World Youth Alliance North America

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