WYA, coffee and dignity – a tale of a European Director in New York

It’s 4 days since I “migrated” to the United State for a useful time of strategic planning and donuts tasting. First thing you do while you come first to the States is to compare the old Europe to the new world. Everything seems so big, loud and fat to a pretentious french guy like I am that you quickly focus on humility…or start gossip around.

Reality is actually different at WYA headquarters. It is like an oasis of multicultural and kind of “dignity oriented” people lost in Manhattan. Life in the WYA house is a curious mix of United Nations around the corner, chat late in the night – on food and “What’s going on in Europe with this human-animal hybrids researches?”- and simple on going youth projects. That makes life sweat and challenging, like american coffees : full of milk, sugar and nice packaged.

Definitely, I prefer my coffee black with no sugar. So is Europe! Standing on its heritage and culture. But these difference are our strengh to face global challenges on human rights, bioethics and Development that WYA adress at the European Institutions and in each European country.

I really wish that every member of the World Youth Alliance has the chance to experience this unique work with diverse team and issues. 1 chance follows. WYA Europe offers the opportunity to its member “on track”1 to attend its annual forum in the UN, the International Solidarity Forum (see wya.net/advocacy) in March.
If you are interested, join in by contacting me!
Maybe you’ll have a chance to see New York under the snow…

1. People following WYA training

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