WYA Europe gladly welcomes two new interns: Lukas Harta and Marion Dinand!


WYA Europe gladly welcomes two new interns: Lukas Harta and Marion Dinand!

“Hello! My name is Lukas Harta. I was born in the south of Austria, my parents are from Germany and now we live in Vienna, where I study Law. I decided to apply for an internship for two main reasons: First of all, I believe that WYA’s convictions about the dignity of the person, the importance of the family and solidarity between developed and developing nations are extremely important for our societies but are lacking support. In my internship, I would like to contribute to the promotion of these ideas. Secondly, I am looking forward to learn and make experiences, be it through WYA’s training or through working and living in an international atmosphere including the European institutions.”

Marion: “I am a 21 years old student of in Law and Political Science and come from Paris. I am there involved in the association “Etudiants Pro-Vie”, which promotes respect due to the human person from conception to natural death.

I decided to do an internship at WYAE when I realized during my law studies how much power European institutions actually have in the orientation of national policies. I share Robert Schuman’s wish: the European project “cannot and must not remain an economic and technical enterprise”, disconnected with human rights and values. Politic is the implementation of a certain vision of the human person: a free and dignityfull being called to happiness through solidarity and self-gift.

In this context, the presence of the WYA at the European institutions is fundamental in recentering EU laws, simply by asking: “What about the person?” In Schuman’s words, “Europe needs a soul, the conscience of its historical affinities and of its responsibilites in the present and in the future, and a political will at the service of the same human ideal”.

The WYAE is here to never let Europe forget it!”

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