WYA Europe interns finally together in Brussels


WYA Europe interns

Since last week, our new interns’ team is together in Brussels to volunteer with World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe. We found our way to Brussels from diverse countries: Romania, Spain, France, Croatia and Germany. Although, we are representing young people from different corners of Europe we all aim at building a multicultural team to promote and fight towards human dignity. Each of us stands behind the values, mission and vision of WYA (see WYA Charter) and hope to bring these unique ideas to table through advocacy, education and culture.

We are very excited to see what projects await us during the next weeks and we promise to manage them the best we can. Through our meaningful work, we want to express our gratitude for the opportunity to work and learn with WYA

Our first week is mostly about getting to know WYA, its great history, work and proposed vision of the human person. Another important part of the internship is the opportunity to interact with the staff members and fellow interns, with whom we are looking forward to developing friendship as well as expanding professional skills. Finally, it is human dignity that brought us all here. WYA offers us a unique opportunity to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the human person giving us a tool to effectively promote the holistic vision of the person.

As interns, we are assigned to different tasks based on our interests and skills. We will organize a European Arts For12976814_1160646783969392_2503826536403203746_oum, work on Advocacy projects, manage different social media platforms, participate in fundraising campaigns and be a valuable hand for the staff members. Even though each of us has their own responsibilities, we are a well-rounded team, experimenting concrete solidarity  which allow us achieving the impossible!

During these three months of internship, we expect to accomplish all set goals and find out more about the great meaning of our humanity. We also do hope to enjoy our internship experience and discovering the beautiful city of Brussels.

Get involved with WYA too. Sign the WYA Charter here to become a WYA member or apply for the second edition of the European Arts Forum to visit us in Brussels!

Written by the current batch of WYA Europe regional interns (Batch 1, 2016).

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