WYA Fall 2009 interns arrive at New York City!


This fall on the 8th of September, 6 young women from different cities around the world arrived at WYA North America Headquarters.

We came with great energy and expectations, but mainly with wit all the disposition of uniting the youth of the world under one vision: human dignity!

This fall, interns are from 3 different continents: Amy Secrest, Christin Redfield and Maggie Snyder, from the United States; Nicole Chalita from Mexico; Hannah A. Ondiek from Kenya and Theresia Leitinger from Austria.

The six of us became friends immediately because, despite our cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, we have one goal in common, this goal has expanded horizons when it comes to communicating, sharing and working together; breaking any barrier that may had existed between us!

Celebrating our second week at WYA North America, the interns want to thank the staff and all WYA friends for their hospitality and we hope to achieve wonderful things this fall!

Nicole Chalita – WYA Mexico

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