WYA ISC 2015: Counselor Chronicles


When WYA North America told me that I had the opportunity to spend a week as a counselor for the ISC 2015 I was one of the happiest girls in the world. I already knew that it would be an amazing experience. And so it was!

My work began with the counselor training: three days of sharing ideas, working out the program of the camp, organizing the camp presentations and also staying awake until 4am waiting for international campers to arrive!!

During these days I had the pleasure to get to know each one of the great counselors: each one of them has given me something that I will keep in my heart forever.


Sunday 26th: the camp started! I was very tired, but at the same time I was very excited. All the campers were in the house; they are from all over the world. They all seemed to be nice and ready for one of the most intense weeks of their life. Yes, this past week has been full of things: excursions around New York city, talks about Freedom and Dignity, sport activities, eating great food, going to the beach, visiting the UN headquarters…. So many fun activities in just seven days.


But the international summer camp couldn’t be possible without a great team. Thanks to every single person that has worked on it, the ISC was amazing. Being a counselor means being engaged and ready for anything, all-day and everyday.


I’ve enjoyed every single minute I’ve spent here, even the cleaning tasks and walking in the sun.  🙂

The camp finished on the 1st of August. All the campers left the WYA house with sadness, but with the will to come back next year. Now they are World Youth Alliance ambassadors: what a responsibility!


I will always be grateful to WYA for the great opportunity I had.


Written by our Meravigliosa Italian Counselor, Sara Morgante who joined us at this year’s WYA International Summer Camp. 

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