WYA Latin America Welcomes our New Guatemala Chapter Leaders


World Youth Alliance Latin America proudly welcomes our new Guatemala Chapter leaders. The Chapter will be led by the WYA certified members Roshell Carranza and Oscar Taracena, also being the latest Certified Training Program trainer for the Latin America Batch.

Meet Roshell!

Born on the Guatemala City, Roshell Carranza is a 24 years old woman who, when she was 18 years old, started her Political Science career at the Rafael Landivar University. Waiting for the graduation, Roshell is passionate about political communication and the electoral systems.

At the university, she got the opportunity to join in sport tournaments and compete in El Salvador. Beyond the track n’ field and beach volleyball, one of Roshell interests is art and its expositions. As a music lover, she enjoys musical concerts and tributes as well as poetry, being a winner of many poetry competitions.

“WYA gave me the necessary tools to produce extremely important themes in life, once that, besides I had a basis of philosophical knowledge which came from school and religion, it was essential to continue empowering and strengthening the rule principles of life and integral development” she says.


Meet Oscar!

Oscar Taracena is a 21 years old Guatemalan. Currently, he studies Legal and Social Sciences at San Carlos de Guatemala University, where he also acts as professor assistant in courses like Introduction to the Law Studies, General Process Theory, Civil Law and Constitutional Law.

Since he was young, Oscar discovered the vocation to help, lead and fight for the common good. Because of it, he joined the Guatemala Scout Movement in 2006 and continued to develop himself and the other with it until 2018. He also served as Acolyte from 2008 to 2016 at the Guatemala diocese. “During this period, I improved my spiritual path and also learned the habits of a responsible and organized person with good acts and customs” Oscar affirms.

Besides that, he is a multi-instrumental musician with advanced studies on the execution of trumpets. Oscar was the Undersecretary of Arts and Culture at the “El Derecho” Students Association (AED). In 2019, he was requested to complete the WYA CTP and, now, Oscar is a great CTP trainer for Latin America and the Caribbean.


World Youth Alliance Latin America and the Caribbean wishes the best to our leaders in the Guatemala Chapter, hoping they have a beautiful performance fighting for human dignity in their country.

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