WYA North America Member and International Summer Camp Participant Reflects on March for Life


This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend the World Youth Alliance International Summer Camp to learn more about WYA’s mission. On Monday, January 23, I attended my sixth March for Life, a silent, nonviolent protest against abortion, euthanasia, and other violations of the dignity of human life that is held in Washington D.C. annually. This year was different because I was able to experience the march from a WYA member’s point of view as the solidarity of people from many different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions for the pro-life movement. It’s amazing to see thousands of people, especially such a large number of youth, flood the streets and national mall of our nation’s capitol to express their belief that the gift of life is unique and that every individual possesses intrinsic human dignity and the right to life which cannot be taken away by any government or other separate party. Seeing the pro-life cause from a WYA member’s point of view altered my overall experience of the March For Life, making it more meaningful than it has ever been before.

Jackie Schulz
World Youth Alliance member, USA

“We recognize that the intrinsic dignity of the person is the foundation of every human right. We believe this dignity is independent of any individual coalition and that no human community can grant or rescind that dignity. … We believe that society through law and culture has an obligation to protect the dignity of the person and thus protect the right to life.”
-The World Youth Alliance Charter

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