WYA Summer Camp Comes to a Successful Close

The 5th annual International Summer Camp came successfully concluded on Saturday,
July 21st. Camp participants, counselors and interns learned many things over the
course of two weeks, much of which was beyond the information provided during the
lessons. Words like ‘dignity’ and ‘solidarity’ acquired a new understanding in the minds
of several participants as they participated alongside their peers in daily activities,
respected each other’s opinions, comforted those who were homesick, and learned
to share with their roommates. One of the campers offered her reflection after the
camp: “Now I look at the word ‘dignity’ with a deeper perspective. I’ve turned into a
more selfless person because of this camp.”

We all want to make the world a better place. But from spending two weeks with this
particular group of young leaders from around the world, it is evident that they are
ready for the challenge. The summer camp provided an experience that inspired many
of them to believe in the dignity of the human person and to commit to the defending
this universal truth at all costs. A first-time camper shared his sentiments: “Now, I
am able to say that my convictions are close to WYA’s convictions and I believe we can
change the world with this vision.”

It was especially rewarding to witness WYA interns in their leadership roles at the
camp, completing the necessary preparation to teach the twelve foundational lessons
on who the human person is and how this pertains to current global issues. One of the
interns shared his experience regarding this role: “Through teaching the lessons at the
Summer Camp, I was able to recognize a desire within me to inspire young people.”

One of the camp’s final activities was a talent show in which campers, counselors and
interns alike performed at their best, sharing a myriad of talent in front their peers.
Musical artists amazed us and hidden singers surprised us with incredible voices. The
evening event inspired us to contemplate the wealth of human potential and creativity
in fostering a culture deeply rooted in respect for the human person. Recognizing
this shared response amidst the group, one intern was moved to reflect on his entire
experience: “The WYA Summer Camp is one of the most powerful displays of solidarity
that I have seen in my life.”

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