WYAAP Summer Camp 2010


Summer Camp Experience

By: Darren Mangado

I was plunged into a post-grad syndrome after graduating from college.Reality was too large for me to digest. All the comfort in the academe banished into oblivion. I had a hard time coping with the demands and responsibilities of life. I struggled but it was obvious that I was not winning. Life goes on without mercy to those lagging behind.

As those gloomy days went by, my obsession to time and life took a firm grip on me. I started to be afraid. I was afraid that in death I will only have a cold and empty epitaph for my company. I panicked! The only solution that I could think of was to recreate my college life. However, it proved futile; I later realized that my college achievements and frustrations are now just a part of my personal story.

I begged for time to stop just so I could compose myself and regroup my system. I knew I needed a pause to rethink and reevaluate things and myself. I know that an extended post-grade syndrome is no longer normal. Surely, time did not stop but I have had a pause and an epiphany, a guideline, both about me and the world!

I discovered World Youth Alliance and participated in its Summer Training Camp – my needed break. Should I describe my experience? Nope, I won’t. But I invite everybody to discover for themselves the life changing and inspiring experience with WYA.

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