WYAAP Summer Camp 2010


Summer Camp Experience

When I first thought of joining the summer camp, I was expecting it to be full of excitement and just mild enrichment but after experiencing it, I realized that it was far more than what I imagined. After a week of being in Binmaley, Pangasinan, it was as if finishing a whole school year.

The summer camp consists of curiosity, challenge, fun, excitement, meeting new people, learning and connecting with nature mixed together. This experience is one of a kind and very helpful. Now I know the proper concept of human dignity, our human life and the different ideas the youth must know.

The Worth Youth Alliance summer camp does not just benefit me but the rest of the youth because as an individual I am willing to make a move towards the betterment of my fellow beings. It is because I have learned and I will be sharing my learnings to other people together with my fellow campers.

I never did regret joining the camp, even if there were a lot of challenges I had to go through. I am truly thankful for experiencing a very unique summer experience. I feel greatly relieved about the development of the new “us” (me & my fellow campers) after sharing experiences and acquiring knowledge with each other and I am grateful to our friendly, approachable and patient facilitators because they are the core group who made our experience & our stay here in WYA very significant.

-Rejean Marie Darroca

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