WYAAP Summer Camp 2010


Summer Camp Experience
by Krishna Sigaya

“My WYAAP Amazing Experience”

I got to meet WYAAP(World Youth Alliance) when ate Ren, WYAAP’s Regional Director visited our school. Assumption-Iloilo and introduced WYAAP. I was very interested in WYAAP’s advocacy and wants to experience what the summer camp training is all about. So I downloaded the application form and was very happy when I received my acceptance letter. On the way to camp I can’t explain how I feel surprising I was one of the youngest camper at the age of 15, while my fellow campers were older. First day in camp was a great challenge for me become I have to adjust to the people, the “Track A training” but I call it the bible to read, to prepare us during the plenary session. The plenary session is where I realized that no matters how young or old you are, you really need to exercise your skills in recitation. I wouldn’t deny that every plenary I have pears of making myself a fool in front of my facilitators and fellow campers. But I was proven wrong due to the first that my facilitator were patient enough in guiding me understand it.

Summer camp is the best summer experience I’ve ever had. I can’t think of anything to compare with what I’ve experienced in camp. I was able to meet new friends when at first I thought were very intimidating but they proved me wrong. The facilitators whom I thought were strict proved to me that they may be mature but they act like young kids makes to mingle with us. I’ve just finished my turn on the “hot seat” which is the accreditation and I’m very happy to say that everything I’ve learned since day I paid of the fee’s good right now I feel all of those WYAmazing experience. It is a sad reality that as I’m this article it is our last day in camp. We may be leaving Binmaley, Pangasinan tomorrow but I believe that tomorrow is not the end but it is just a start to a new beginning, WYAAP has changed my perceptions of life.

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