WYANA Applauds Justin Bieber


Friday, February 18th, 2011

Pop star Justin Bieber should be commended for his recent statements about abortion and sex in Rolling Stone Magazine. In an age when young people have very few positive role models, Bieber stands apart. When asked for his views on premarital sex, he said “you should wait until you’re in love.” In the same interview, he also denounced abortion.

While he has been criticized for being naïve and uninformed, we at the World Youth Alliance believe he should be applauded for speaking out on issues that affect and influence the lives of young people. Bieber’s statements point to the importance of making responsible decisions and developing self-control. The World Youth Alliance and our one million members thank him for taking this stand.

WYA staff member Christopher White comments on the situation:

Joy Behar has found her latest victim. Rather than going after the usual suspects such as Bill O’Reilly, Donald Rumsfeld, or the Roman Catholic Church, Behar’s new prey is teenage pop star Justin Bieber. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bieber was asked his views on premarital sex and abortion. When Bieber commented that “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them,” and that “I really don’t believe in abortion…It’s like killing a baby,” he set off fireworks among talk show commentators and the like. Naturally, one of the first to go on the attack was The View’s Joy Behar who remarked “truthfully if I want to hear about abortion from an adolescent or health issues, I’ll turn on Glenn Beck.”

Behar is well known for her fiery language and criticism of those with conservative or religious values. However, her most recent attack on sixteen year Bieber seems to be a new low. Bieber’s fan base is made up of thousands of tweens that, despite their young age, are exactly the age of those dealing with issues of relationships, sex, and yes, abortion. Recent MTV shows like “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” seem to evidence that Justin Bieber is doing exactly what any good marketing or communications strategist would advise their client to do: speak to your audience and the issues they face.

Waiting until one is in love to have sex is a seemingly highly unattractive proposal to young, sex crazed teenagers. Nonetheless, medical and scientific research provides support to Bieber’s advice, as there’s a strong correlation between human bonding and hormones. Oxytocin is a hormone released during sexual activity that causes feelings and natural responses of attachment and trust to one’s sexual partner. When a couple engages in sexual behavior, it’s not simply just hooking up. There are real chemical changes taking place that are not simply biological, but also, emotional. And yes, sixteen year olds, despite their young age and naivety, will have this happen to them too. Shouldn’t they also be given a chance to offer their views on the subject?

Of course, as a man, Justin Bieber (and now, myself) are quickly criticized for offering our thoughts on matters related to sex and abortion. Critics like Behar, however, seem to have forgotten the phrase – and the reality – that it takes two to tango. Justin Bieber may not have the ability to become pregnant and feel the awesome responsibility to carry a child, but he has the capacity to become a father—and a father that may one day have a daughter to educate and care for. Advising and commenting that it may actually be wise to delay early sexual debut and to practice self-control is not advice limited to one sex, but rather, advice than can and should be considered societal advice.

– Christopher White

WYA, International Director of Operations

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