Youth and Volunteerism


volunteerThe youth are participants for development. Through volunteering, they are not only able to help out a community but also learn something about themselves. The opportunity tests our limits and allows us to go beyond our comfort zones. It is essential for growth as a citizen and it develops our habits within our hearts and mind.

 I have been a very passionate youth volunteer since college, even up till now that I am working in a professional    corporate setting. There are many things that excite me and inspire me to continue serving fellow young people.

 Just last January 2013, I was lucky to be a part of World Youth Alliance Asia pacific as a Regional Intern. I love this organization because of one simple reason, it promotes human dignity! I know I am a dignity defender. I must admit that the WYA experience is one of my happiest memories as a youth volunteer because it gave me more passion to do good things. Being an intern is not an easy one because we do different training and regional tasks related to human dignity, working hand-in-hand with different youth across Asia Pacific.

The most rewarding part is planning for the Sulong Workshop we had last March 9, 2013 at Shepherd of the Hills Foundation in Quezon City to conduct a Sulong Workshop. The Tagalog word ‘Sulong’ means to move forward in English. Me and my co intern Gen prepared the two modules on Dignity and Solidarity. These were customized to include a special set of activities for the high school students to help them understand and enjoy the topics. Seeing those high school students with their artworks and learning about WYA made me cry. I realized I have touched many people in a simple workshop given to them.

Through this internship I have extended my professional and friendship networks, developed my skills and ideas and had a lot of fun in the process. I humbly believe that importance of volunteers cannot be underestimated. To say that you volunteer your time for a cause or an organisation you feel passionate about is a very powerful thing. Volunteerism in my own perspective is certainly an experience that is essential for personal growth.

 By Jayhan Makina, an intern at World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Office. 

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