Youth Training on “Europe’s quest for identity and values”


From May 20-22, 2010 WYA Europe organized a seminar to learn about and reflect on European and human identity in general, as well as to discuss the values that form our society and the conditions needed for an authentic and integral human development. We had the pleasure to receive students from Xavier University from Cincinnati, Ohio of the United States of America. Xavier University is a private university which educates students in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.

During the seminar we discussed the foundations of European identity and values, the history of the EU and Europe – we had a presentation on the works of the EU and a guided tour in the European Parliament and learned about its functions. We then had an open discussion and debate regarding ‘What is human dignity?’, taking into account the cultural differences of understanding of this concept between American and European young people. The students intervened actively and expressed their approach and concerns, current issues and legal, political and social facts, which are potentially or actually violating human dignity were shared. And last but not the least, we inquired and discussed how different understandings and ideas about the human person can affect policy, legislature and society.

Mr. David Fieldsend, manager for CARE for Europe, presented to the students and participants the objectives and history of the creation of CARE, and spoke on current legal and political issues they are working on and on their lobbying work at the European Union institutions.

Sophia Kuby, Secretary General of ‘European Dignity Watch’ gave a lecture on the reinterpretation of human rights on European Level and on the philosophies and ideas behind political concept.


P.S. from the WYA Europe staff : If you are as well interested in values of the European Union and in the issues that are currently discussed within the European institutions, please feel free to contact us at to join such training or discuss the opportunities to organize a seminar in the frame of your education programme. We look forward to hearing from you!

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