Critical thinking as a Weapon to Combat Fake News

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround him, he shines clearly. To date, with the boom in social networks, a video, a tweet, a note, a Facebook or Instagram post can be misleading information and be spread […]

Freedom as the Only Path to Excellence

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] According to St. Thomas, freedom is the human capacity that unifies all other capacities into an ordered whole and directs our actions in pursuit of goodness and happiness. To achieve freedom, one must understand man’s ability to be good and happy. For this reason, the concept of human dignity is highly relevant, […]

Children and Family: An Important Relationship

To start with this blog, I would like to bring up a thought of Virginia Satir that says: “Feelings of worth can only flourish in an environment where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open and rules are flexible, the kind of environment found in a loving family”. This introductory phrase is […]

A Misinterpretation of Liberalism

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Liberalism is noble, you just have to understand it to know how to take advantage of it. First, I will explain how people today misunderstand liberalism. For this I will use the concept of relativism. In what follows, I will try to diagram the proper way of understanding liberalism. Finally, I will […]

Love as the Goal of Human Life

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, so we can celebrate at home with the ones we love. It is a time to share as a family and express acts of love to our relatives or friends. However, many families for various circumstances can not share together, some have […]

Cosmopolitanism versus Communitarianism

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Cosmopolitanism is the philosophy of the future, and we must believe in it. In the following article, I will explain why cosmopolitanism aligns more with the World Youth Alliance (WYA). For this, I will first define communitarianism, the opposite philosophy. Later, I will define cosmopolitanism. Finally, I will relate this concept to […]

The Years of Lead: a Brazilian Trauma

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] The Years of Lead: a Brazilian Trauma The vulnerability of human rights in Brazil’s military dictatorship The military dictatorship in Brazil is the consequence of political and economic crises, and it lasted between the years of 1964 and 1985. From the coup in Castelo Branco to the long re-democratization in João Figueiredo, […]

Economic Liberalism, A Solidarity Boost

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] The implementation of economic liberalism is related to solidarity. I will explain how economic liberalism, understood as free trade, has allowed an  increase of solidarity. In the same way, I will try to show why tariffs (barriers to free trade) can be seen as immoral. Finally, I will figure out how economic […]

Sustainable Development and Universal Responsibility

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”]  The Declaration on Sustainable Development describes Sustainable Development as the affirmation of human dignity. Thus, Sustainable Development has three scopes: social, economic and environmental. Social development is related to access to basic sanitation, clean water, health care, nutrition, housing and education, in addition to valuing the family — a fundamental element that […]