Meet our WYA Interns: Esther Martin


Esther Martin, from Málaga, Spain, first heard about the World Youth Alliance (WYA) when she became a member in 2019.  Immediately after, she completed the Certified Training Program (CTP), and last Summer of 2022, she completed the Advocacy Academy.

Meeting other WYA members at the Advocacy Academy had a significant impact on Esther, leading her to become a more active member of WYA, starting with a WYA internship at WYA Europe and later, in April, joining the WYA Headquarters (HQ) team in New York City.

Two of Esther’s standout experiences as an intern were helping to organize the International Solidarity Forum and her involvement in a project within the European Parliament focused on raising awareness about persons with Down Syndrome. She shares, “Being part of the staff in the ISF in Pamplona was amazing. Also, during my previous internship with WYA Europe, we carried on a project in the European Parliament about Down Syndrome that I also enjoyed because I felt that we were actually raising awareness and demonstrating that every human life has immense value.”

Esther’s aspirations in life are deeply tied to her commitment to safeguard and promote human dignity. Moving forward, she would like to continue developing a career in this field, focusing on educating young people. As a WYA HQ intern, Esther has been involved in various projects and tasks that have allowed her to make a meaningful impact.

For those young people who may be considering a WYA internship, Esther emphasizes, “Do it! It is an amazing experience that will always accompany you, not just because it is a job, but because with WYA, you can fight for something that really matters, always surrounded by people who share your same goals and care about you and others. It always takes many hands to achieve great things!”

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WYA Staff, October 2023.

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