Meet WYA Europe’s New Regional Director, Myriam Audras


This June, WYA gives a warm welcome to our new WYA Europe Regional Director, Myriam Audras!


What I identify with most in WYA’s values is their true and deep will to invest in (the) youth through education. It has been more than 4 years since I met WYA and since then, I have never stopped learning thanks to them and what they offer, regardless of my position.”

Prior to her new position as WYAE RD, Myriam worked at a Mayor’s office of a city near Lyon for the elections. She served as a Chapter coordinator for the WYA France Chapter which she opened a year and a half ago in Lyon, France. Since then, they have earned two Erasmus grants, held an online version of the Training for Human Dignity Defenders, and conducted multiple Certified Training Program (CTP) sessions for new French members.


“I heard about WYA back in 2016. My boyfriend at the time and husband to be this year told me about the World Youth Alliance. I was looking for a six-month internship as part of my last year of Master’s…. I went through the website and already felt that if I had the internship it was going to be life changing. I did the CTP on the online platform alone with the intention to get the best grade to put all the chances on my side for the internship,” shares Myriam when asked how she met WYA. 



Regarding her vision for the WYAE region, Myriam highlights that Chapter Coordinator training is key in line with the boom in Chapter growth all around Europe. She shares the creation of new partnerships that would enable Chapters to organize their own projects, activating the internship as a way to further Chapter involvement, and easing the process of Chapter participation in the Human Dignity Curriculum as her goals.

When she’s not busy with her new role, you can find Myriam organizing her summer wedding (which she actually loves organizing!). She also spends her free time playing the violin – having learned since she was three, playing sports, travelling with family and friends, and volunteering.

We’re excited to see WYAE flourish under your leadership, Myriam!

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