Staff back!



European staff is back from New York. For two weeks, we had a great and hard working staff meeting. hopefully you won’t wait long before feeling the difference and new projects!

I just want to share with you some quote from my letter sent to donors after 2 months in New York.

” I had the chance to attend the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. Along with a team of WYA staff and international interns, we could impact the discussion and advocate for authentic person- and family centered approach to gender issues. Being there gave me also the opportunity to meet country delegates and coordinate WYA action at the UN and the European Union.

The most important souvenir from New York will remain my personal experience of the day to day life in World Youth Alliance. I met young people from all around the world united under the same ambition to train, share and work to foster and promote human dignity…I had to reconsider the French cooking supremacy theory..

This is a unique chance for me, who is 26, married with two children, to join this great organization! I want to thank you because that you makes it happen. You are helping young people like me to honor their responsibilities and to answer their call for dignity.”

You, members and friends of WYA are the actor of this soft revolution of shaping a new culture of life and dignity on our continent. But sometimes, it is needed to be remember that we are given this chance. By now, We will encourage every interns in Brussels to write a personal “thank you” note to our benefactors.

Let’s be grateful to people who makes WYA possible!

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