The International Solidarity Forum


The thought of attending the ISF had passed through my mind but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend.

Life happens as it should and sometimes wishes are granted. And so I ended up in Manhattan in the famous city of New York. The tall buildings in Manhattan were something I had only seen in movies and here I was in the middle of one of the most famous cities in the world.
It was the end of March and the weather was still cold but my experience during the ISF made up for the unfriendly weather.

Being from a third world country, I thought that the theme for the ISF, Assisted Reproductive Technology, wouldn’t involve my country so much. But I was wrong. This issue also touches third world countries in ways that we cannot imagine. Poor people from third world countries are paid to give their cells for assisted reproductive technologies.

I met new people and had the opportunity to hear about where they come from, their cultures and discuss issues that affect us all. I also realized that even though we come from different places,we are not that different. We are faced by almost similar problems
I made friends from different parts of the world including my own country, Kenya

I just hope I will get another chance to attend the next ISF because it was a really good and educative experience for me.

Tessy Omina – World Youth Alliance

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