Who Am I?

To define “Who am I?” would require the strongest urge to go through a week of pondering over things that you do. I question myself for the reason where I am today but my biggest definition is a challenge I never knew I could experience.

Spending one week in a secluded area where your environment is new can somewhat make you think of who you can really be. For the entire duration, people close to me would somehow say that it’s a totally different me but I guess, the situation brought me to a point in my life I thought I resolved many years ago. The truth is, the definition of “Who am I?” has just started.

I spent one week with people I just met but it was a week that helped me realized that I pondered more things in my life through that one week than I ever did before. I experienced a test that challenged my intellectual capabilities thus proving that I didn’t know a lot of what my world really is. I also tried questions that I couldn’t answer properly because I was not the confident person I used to be. All these experiences bothered me until the end of the week but, I was thankful to bring home a lot of the memorable moments I had.

Who could have thought that rain was freely given for you to enjoy but not to run away from? It is in being under the rain that helps you value the moments you can sing together, work together, and have the funniest conversations together.

Who could have thought that mud never hinders your feet from walking where you want to go? It is in walking that you realized that you’ve reached a destination where you welcome the people who treat you with utmost generosity.

Who could have thought that taking pictures with people you hardly know can have the greatest smile for you? It is in smiling that you realize that you’ve given the biggest joy to those who appreciate it the most.

I’ve been through a lot but the people around me know more. I may not make the perfect answers nor the right choices but, I believe that what I experienced does not make me less of who I really am. I may not have shown my true self nor my true abilities but the challenge is just starting. The definition of “Who am I?” has made me more aware of who I want and can be.

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