WYA Africa: Meet the Batch 3 2019 Interns


Margaret Wanjiku Wanjiru is an aspiring international development and policy-making expert. She is a recent graduate having pursued a Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Contract Management and a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development. She is currently at the helm of World Youth Alliance – Africa, as an intern. She has a vast specialization in social work, HIV counseling, and promoting human dignity, solidarity, human rights in addition to WYA’s core areas of interest: advocacy, culture, and education. Margaret is a firm believer in settling for the best. She has cultivated the spirit of giving than receiving and so her theme this year is “Pay It Forward” by just being of help to strangers. She loves counseling her fellow youth and volunteering for a better Africa as a volunteer under Africa Matters. She is an avid reader of inspirational books and novels with a touch of music in the background. Margaret likes learning from different cultures. She considers herself an aficionado of movies and loves nature. 


Daniel Muoki Kiilu is an ambitious, diligent Kenyan passionate about promoting sustainable development among people living in impoverished conditions. However, this was not always his passion. Daniel hails from a humble background which drove him to have a dream to be wealthy. With the conviction that only with enough wealth would he know contentment and happiness, Daniel started pursuing this dream immediately after completing his bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology. He worked as a software developer in an IT firm in Nairobi. His dream of becoming wealthy was within his sights.

What sparked a change of heart was watching a documentary on Aljazeera of a young girl in the Middle East whose parents had just been killed in civil strife while she was away at school. The tears in the girl’s eyes gave him the realization that his dream in life was to selfishly make a better life for himself. Meanwhile, other people in the world suffered unimaginable loss.  This marked the beginning of Daniel’s journey as a humanitarian. He began visiting children’s homes over the weekend, giving them food and clothing, and spending time with them. These visits meant more to him than it did to them.

When Daniel was introduced to the World Youth Alliance, he quickly applied to join the internship program without hesitation. With faith, he quit his job even before landing an interview with the organization. His application was successful and he now works as an intern at the WYA Africa regional office. The internship is voluntary but he has never been happier. He is happy because he knows that money does not bring contentment, inner peace does.


Michael Migwi Maina is a Kenyan citizen born and raised in Nakuru. He likes reading, traveling, making new friends and cooking. He earned a certificate in Information Technology at the House of Plenty Vocational Training Institute in Nakuru. He’s passionate about justice and working with young people in showing them to stand for what is right and just. His WYA journey started when he heard about the organization at Furaha Camp. There, it was introduced by a WYA member when they made a visit to the Vocational Training Institute.

His aim for joining World Youth Alliance is to gain the necessary skills and learn proper information about the human person in order to help enlighten the young generation about what needs to be done right for the benefit of present society and coming generations.


Shamima Omwayi is a young Kenyan citizen and a vibrant change maker with a deep passion for working with youth and children. Shamima is privileged to work in a field that aligns with her personal values, and that inspires her to promote the dignity of her community members. Her zeal in community development has led her to co-found The Youth Network, a community-based organization that aims to empower youth through capacity building programs. Furthermore, she is actively engaged in supporting the homeless and vulnerable children at Villa Teag Children’s Home, an orphanage center that is in existence owing to her tremendous contributions. As a result of her efforts, she has enriched many young people whom she has worked with in reaching their full potential. When she’s not ironing out community issues, you will find her caught up in mediation or looking up trending issues online.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from the Technical University of Kenya and seeks to further her studies to build an upward career trajectory.

Shamima is humbled and honored for the opportunity to work with the World Youth Alliance Africa and looks forward to sharing her experience of working with youth and children, as well as learning how best to protect and promote the dignity of young persons, and all human beings.

Apply now to our Regional Internship in Nairobi, Kenya. Send us your internship applications to africa@wya.net or find more details on our internship program here.


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