Interviewing Valentino Findrik, WYA Southeast Europe’s New Director

“It is high time we show the full potential of the great alternative: that of human dignity and of personal responsibility.” On February 1, 2019, WYA opened a new sub-regional office for Southeast Europe (SEE). With 6 operating Chapters in the region so far and several new ones announced to be open in 2019, the […]

My WYA Africa 15-Year Anniversary Dinner Experience

    I had the honor to attend the World Youth Alliance Africa 15-Year Anniversary dinner last Saturday, 18 August, 2018 at Sarova Panafric Hotel. The event celebrates the work of promoting human dignity since the 2003 here in Africa. I was intrigued to learn how the African regional office located in Nairobi, Kenya was started and […]

Thoughts about camp: A summer to remember

In all the past World Youth Alliance (WYA) events I have attended, the number one reoccurring theme (almost like a rule) for me was to have fun. This, for me, was one of the factors that kept bringing me back. But as I joined more WYA events I began to realize that the fun in WYA […]

Thoughts about camp: More than a plane ticket

The moment I sent my camp participation fee was the same time I decided to experience something that I knew would be etched in my heart for a very long time. I liked the idea of traveling alone to somewhere I have never been to; perhaps even live for a week with people whom I […]

Thoughts about camp: summer and leisure

Summer, on its own I think, is the greatest festival. Except this year I knew it was going to be different. I was selected for the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) summer camp. I was excited indeed because this camp was going to be an international visit for me, coming from Nepal. It was […]

Thoughts about camp: 3 reasons why

Do you usually find yourself lying in bed on your phone, eating, sleeping, and doing the same routine over and over again? Well, I felt that way, too. I wanted to do something for a change, something worthwhile in the summer, something that would take me out of my boring schedule. I thought about it […]

Thoughts about camp: A new chapter opens

I believe that the summer camp experience is truly what is good and what will further guide me in seeking life’s many beautiful experiences. Through the WYAAP way, this camp opened a new chapter of my life.

Freedom of expression in Europe – Who draws the line?

On Wednesday 16th of May, World Youth Alliance Europe attended the Forum “Freedom of expression in Europe – Who draws the line?” organized by EURACTIV. During this panel discussion, the speakers addressed many issues related to the right of freedom of expression and debated the definition of Hate Speech with its legal, ethical and social […]

Violence Against Women – The Law as the Beginning of Problem Solving

On Wednesday, April 25, World Youth Alliance attended lectures and debates on human rights and discriminatory legislation on women and girls, particularly in relation to sexual violence. A special emphasis on the debate was on the legislative framework that should protect women and prevent the legality of any form of violence. Gaps in the judiciary […]