WYALA introduces the National University of the East Chapter

The World Youth Alliance values the commitment of its members to advocate for human dignity. Opening a new chapter in your own region is significant since they will achieve WYA’s objectives more precisely. The WYALA is growing day after day, and we are grateful to announce the new chapter at the National University of the […]

WYALA Introduces New Lima Chapter

A Chapter of World Youth Alliance means the development of its objective: enable members to become protectors of human dignity in their regions. The WYALA is composed of a bunch of Chapters, and the principal motivation for its growth comes from young members who are committed to lead them. So, it is a pleasure to […]

Welcome to our new leaders from WYA Wexford

The Latin America region of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) is happy to announce the newest leaders of the WYA Wexford High School Club: Jessica Paz Aguirre and Mariano Hernandez Ozuna, which are certified members with notable results. Commanding this Club, they are expected to continue promoting Human Dignity and other honorable WYA’s values in the region of Querétaro, Mexico.   Meet Jessica! […]

Meet the WYA Mexico Committee Leaders

The Latin America Region of World Youth Alliance (WYALA) is pleased to announce the new coordinators of the WYA Mexico National Committee, led by Ana Bolio and Marco Gutiérrez, both extremely active WYA members. They are expected to continue promoting Human Dignity as well as expand WYA in their country.   Meet Ana! Ana Bolio […]

How the “Bringing Youth Back to Work” Event Motivated Me to Take the CTP

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] The event that took place in Pamplona from the 23rd to the 27th of May. It was my first experience with the World Youth Alliance. As such, I was going to discover a bit, knowing from the outset that it would be very good for my personal development, submitting myself to leaving […]

There Are No Small Lives

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Death is a concept that is always in the back of the human mind as if it was a silent guest at the feast of worries that unfold in our heads. I remember since I was little the first time I became aware of its existence. Once my father was late from […]

My Experience from WYA’s Pamplona Bringing Youth Back to Work event

The Erasmus Plus Project “Bringing Youth Back to Work” was truly a wonderful and inspiring experience for me. My decision to participate in the project was conveniently formed by the fact that I am finishing my studies and will soon be looking for employment. Therefore, coming to Pamplona, my main expectations were to share my […]

My Learnings from the Training for Human Dignity Defenders

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] From the 22nd to 27th of April, through a online format, the Training Human Dignity Defenders took place. This event, initially was going to be held in person in Lyon France, but due to the pandemic, had to be cancelled several times, and finally they decided and managed to do it via […]

We Have Arrived in Argentina!

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] World Youth Alliance Latin America (WYALA) is pleased to announce the launch of the WYA Argentina Chapter led by María Fernanda Haskour Zaín. This chapter is expected to continue promoting Human Dignity as well as the expansion of WYA in the region. Meet María Fernanda! María Fernanda Haskour Zain is a lawyer who […]

My takeaways from the Youth Dialogue Solidarity Forum

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] From May 1st to the 9th, I had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Dialogue Solidarity Forum on the topic of migration in the European Union.  This event was organised by the World Youth Alliance, an organisation promoting human dignity through advocacy work and raising public awareness. The topic of migration […]