Meet the WYA Mexico Committee Leaders

The Latin America Region of World Youth Alliance (WYALA) is pleased to announce the new coordinators of the WYA Mexico National Committee, led by Ana Bolio and Marco Gutiérrez, both extremely active WYA members. They are expected to continue promoting Human Dignity as well as expand WYA in their country.   Meet Ana! Ana Bolio […]

My Journey Towards the Defense of Human Dignity

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] Many times in our daily lives we have surely heard people say phrases like “I almost lost my dignity” or “How could you think of doing that, don’t you have any dignity?” I must admit that at some point I have also said these phrases, believing that it was possible to lose […]

The ELC on Women’s Health and Rights exceeded my expectations

[su_tabs active=”2″][su_tab title=”English”] As a participant in several Emerging Leaders Conferences, I expected a high level, an excellent experience and, above all, a lot of acquired new knowledge. But this year, the conference also exceeded my expectations. They were probably very much overwhelmed by the concerns posed by the whole current situation, as in the […]

How Can We Multiply Hope?

  By supporting our future leaders, of course! This Giving Tuesday, celebrate with us at Live With the WYA President. Two special guests will tell us how WYA makes sure that your gifts keep on giving.  Don’t miss our Giving Tuesday episode on December 1, streaming on Facebook and Instagram.   [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#0055a4″ […]

The Value of our Environment

Science and evolution have made us forget about the importance of nature, especially in the Western world. As technologies emerge, we have become indifferent towards human actions that threaten our environment like massive deforestation that are not indispensable for our survival and are only the result of our own selfishness without taking into account other […]


Who would want to travel to a remote area miles away from their hometown and spend a whole week’s worth of summer vacation with people whom they have never met before–to study? Yes, lectures, and readings, and all those kinds of stuff. Probably no one, right? That’s what I thought too – but joining this […]

Learning to Understand Myself and Others

“What to do during the holiday?” Most of us will probably say, ‘rest, do nothing.’ Enjoying idle time would have also been my initial answer since I’ve been too busy doing office and college tasks over the past few months. Fortunately, reality turned out differently. I ventured to step out of my comfort zone and try […]

“Summer Paradise”

I was recently selected for the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) 2019 Summer Camp program. I was truly excited to visit the Philippines, a rapidly developing country in the South-east Asian region. Reveries and expectations filled my mind while waiting for the dates to arrive. I remember singing the song, Summer Paradise in front […]

WYA Africa: Taking a Bow

It’s Friday May 31, 2019 and I notice my name on the ‘Article Writing Schedule’. I am due to submit a blog by June 3, 2019; my last as a staff serving World Youth Alliance Africa. I realise I have a lot to write about as this to me is really a parting shot. The […]

That time I “visited” 18 cultures in 7 days

  “This is a place for you to explore, to understand, and to make friends. This is a place for you to remember.” When the Minister of Education of Taiwan Dr. Yeh Jiunn-rong opened the forum with these words, I knew he was right in saying that I’ll never forget my experience in the 2018 […]